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Northern Design Centre - The Design Studio & Product Showcase - part of GEOTN
Northern Design Centre - The Design Studio & Product Showcase - part of GEOTN
Date - Jun 22, 2018
Venue - Northern Design Centre Abbott's Hill, Gateshead NE8 3DF
Cost - Free
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Welcome to the Northern Design Quest

Led by Design Network North the Design Quest allows you to follow in the footsteps of a designer. You will have the opportunity to design your very own product, using products created in the region to inspire and demonstrate the design journey.

The Design Studio

So you’ve come up with a great product idea, you’ve thought about what your customers want from it, and built a model to test it.
So now you need to tell the world all about it. And this is where marketing and branding come in, as no-one will buy your product if they don’t know about it.
Every great product has a strong and distinctive brand to go with it. This is the thing that you recognise in an advert, or on a poster or a website, and it tells you something about the product and the company behind it.

Fairy Liquid has the cute baby, both of which were created in Newcastle. Liquorice Allsorts have Bertie Bassett, born in Sheffield

And we all recognise the PG Tips monkey. Some of us might even remember the Brooke Bond chimps, from the same Manchester based company.

And the brand or logo can be almost anything. Berghaus, still based in Sunderland use a blue and red sloping rectangle, that means nothing in particular, but everyone recognises.

Product Showcase 

The Product Showcase is the grand finale of the Northern Design Quest and the place where you can show off all your hard work.
Here you can see the five iconic products that you’ve met along the way, and more of the stories behind them.
But you’ll notice there is an empty plinth among them.

This is for you to display your product, the thing that started out as a spark in the Ideas Factory, that grew and developed in the Research Station, and Marketing Suite, that came to life in the Workshop, and found it’s name and identify in the Design Studio.

So here we’d like you to place your product amongst the other five. It may not be as well-known as them yet, but who knows, in a few year’s time maybe it will be.
And hopefully along this journey, you’ve learnt not only about five amazing Northern products, plus the many others along the way, but also have seen how these products are created and brought to life. And maybe having had a go at it yourself, and created your own product you’ve decided you’d like to do it again, for real.
Well, you should.

We are all capable of being creative and having brilliant ideas, but only some of us actually do something with them, and create something of value that can make a difference to people.
Percy Shaw wasn’t the first person to notice the reflection from a cats eye, but he was the first to turn that knowledge into a product.
Mamas and Papas aren’t the only company making baby buggies but they are one of the best at listening to what people want, and them delivering it.
And Frank Hornby had no engineering training and was working as a clerk when he had the idea for the Meccano. But he could see the potential and kept going until it became successful.

So take away with you all the things you’ve learned on this quest, and apply them every day. And who knows, when the Great Exhibition of the North 2030 comes along, perhaps yours could be one of the five great Northern products.


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