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Clients Perspective: RTC North - Traction Amplifier Programme

NSL-HR, Duncan Urquhart, Director: 

“Over the past twenty plus years as a small business owner, I have attended many training courses, seminars and workshops. From each event, I have always picked up new knowledge and / or expertise that has been helpful in my business. More from some events than others, but this is to be expected and par for the course. Also, as presenters are required, on occasions, to deliver generalised content, the practicality and suitability of messages can vary.

"However, for four Wednesday mornings during June and July 2018, I experienced one of the best events that I have ever attended. It was on offer from RTC to small businesses with determination to achieve growth through innovation and also the application of definitive, thoroughly researched and enhanced business practices. Don't let the name of the programme put you off - 'Traction Amplifier'. I had no idea what it meant beforehand either!

"Along with five other attendees, we commenced a journey led by two most excellent facilitators, Allan and Nick, both of whom had achieved impressive results from running their own successful businesses. This greatly enhanced not only their credibility, but also their ability to understand and appreciate the difficulties and challenges that exist in a small business.

"The critical and key factor that differentiated Traction Amplifier from the more general and mundane type of events on offer was its 100% relevance to my business and this statement applies equally to all the other attendees. How is this possible is a legitimate question that can be answered by describing the format.

"The content was specific, some of which was either known to me or I was broadly aware. Other parts were new and eye opening in terms of how to improve significantly the performance of any business. Allan and Nick's style was to present a given amount of information, how it works, how to apply it and the likely benefits that can accrue. Then, they moved into challenge mode and each attendee was tasked with the interpretation, analysis and likely application of the information in question relative to their own business situation, key needs and potential opportunities.

Week by week the format continued and each attendee's analysis was captured and displayed on a visual basis. Everyone could view each other's thoughts, interpretation, plans, activities, goals. Subsequently, this level of open-ness generated discussions, conversations, questions, suggestions, options and ideas. The build-up of information shared and discussed was invaluable. From this, I prepared an in-depth analysis of where my business was situated currently, gaps that required attention and opportunities to grow and develop.

"On the final day. the programme culminated with each attendee delivering a presentation, including the following headings, to all other attendees:

  • The challenge
  • The big picture
  • Actions
  • Success criteria
  • Stages
  • Key questions
  • Outcomes

"Each presentation generated considerable discussion, helpful and supportive commentary and many suggestions. An excellent conclusion to an inspiring experience over four weeks.

To summarise:

  • Excellent content
  • Skilled facilitators
  • Gained practical and appropriate new business skills and knowledge
  • Developed a business strategy unique to my business. Every other attendee achieved a unique strategy for their respective businesses
  • Very pleasant surroundings
  • Made new contacts with the other attendees
  • Plenty of coffee
  • Ideal format - 4 mornings 8.00am - 12-00 noon 
  • Follow up assistance

"If you get the opportunity to attend Traction Amplifier, grab it with both hands, immerse yourself in the content, give it your best shot, apply what you learn and reap the benefits."

Aug 09, 2018
Project Information

Innovate2Succeed helps growing companies with plenty of ambition to manage the development of products and services, helping to get them to the right market in a timely fashion.

It's a fully funded programme providing up to seven days of bespoke coaching support to meet the specific problems and barriers that YOUR business is facing.

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