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Blueprint Product Design

Oct 26, 2016

West Yorkshire based organisation Blueprint, have been established 25 years, currently employ 10 people and specialise in product development consultancy across the North of England.

Blueprint work across many industries including: hospitals, high street retail, consumer goods and transport. When they approached RTC their work was predominantly sub-contract based but they had identified a need to re-evaluate their strategy in order to grow the business.

RTC supported Blueprint through the Innovate2succeed programme. Through the programme Blueprint developed a methodology to prioritise their ideas. RTC also introduced the company to EU funding opportunities to support their research and development activity. This has resulted in a co-operation with university of Leeds to work on a project which aims to create the so called ‘humanoid’ shape which may lead to the elimination of animal testing.

Through interacting with the Innovate2succeed programme Blueprint have accessed in over £1 million of EU funding and developed a strong business strategy which has helped them to work on developing their own branded products. Managing Director, Mick Karol said: “ We are now co-operating with a number of organisations both in the UK and in Europe, essentially the big thing that’s come out of this for us is that we are not just a sub-contract service anymore, we are forming partnerships with our clients.”


Is designed to help SME’s improve their internal capacity to innovate and capability to commercially exploit new ideas. Specialist Innovation advisers will work with your management team and deliver a programme of activity to make innovation happen.

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