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STEM Ambassador Hub

Promoting science, technology, engineering and maths to inspire young people to consider STEM related careers.

RTC currently holds the STEM Ambassador Hub contract for the North East of England. This enables young people to develop their creativity, problem-solving and employability skills, widens their choice and supports the UK’s future competitiveness.

STEM Ambassador Hub Programmes Include:

  • Stem Advisory Network
  • Stem Ambassador Programme
  • Stem Clubs

Using STEM Ambassadors from a diverse range of organisations across North East England awareness is raised enabling young people of all backgrounds and abilities to meet inspiring role models, understand real world applications of STEM subjects and experience hands-on STEM activities that motivate and bring learning to life.

RTC manages the whole NE regional STEM Clubs programme. STEM Clubs are hands on practical sessions which allow pupils to explore, investigate and discover STEM subjects in a fun and stimulating learning environment away from the constraints of the school timetable or curriculum. STEM Clubs motivate and build confidence in pupils who struggle with STEM subjects and also provide an extra outlet for children who already show aptitude and are interested in furthering their learning.

Through the STEM Advisory Network RTC provides effective support, information, advice and guidance to schools to enhance their STEM curriculum whilst signposting them to providers of STEM enrichment and enhancement activities.


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