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UK Subsidy Control Declaration

This project is funded by UKRI. The level of support an individual business can receive is up to a maximum amount of £315,000 (€300,000 in Northern Ireland) over a rolling 3-year period.

To confirm that you are able to receive this assistance you must declare the full amount of subsidy you have already received over the last three fiscal years.

I declare that the amount of subsidy received by the organisation over the last three years is as follows. If you are in doubt about whether any previous funding you recieved is affected, please include it:

Reason for Payment
Name of Provider
Aid Type
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Date of Payment
Eg. Grant
Innovate UK
De Minimis
** Please use whole values (no decimals) for £s and €s **

Data Protection

The data contained in this Declaration is a mandatory requirement to enable support to be provided by this funded project. As well as being a record of the support provided, the data may be used to for reporting purposes by BEIS and also for subsequent evaluation of the project (e.g. to contact beneficiaries to understand their views on how they have benefited from the project).

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