Rise and Design - The Power of Innovation

Date: Friday, 23rd February 2024

Time: 09:30 - 12:00

Location: LS11 9YJ

Cost: Free


Innovation is one of those words that can be overused to the point of being meaningless. But it's actually critical for your organisation.


And may not be what you think it is.


Yes, innovation can mean the creation of new products, but changing the way you speak to your customers, manage your team, or finding new suppliers can radically improve your business.


So we're going to be hearing about different ways you can change your business for the better, so that afterwards, you can do it too.


Speakers include -


Darren Evans, The Engine Room

Your brand is defined by your customers’ perception of your organisation. Capturing their hearts and minds is essential. The Engine Room are experts in uncovering, defining and visualising what makes businesses different - inside and out. And they have awards to prove it.

Whether it's entering new markets, increasing exports, launching a new product, or understanding customers better, an innovative approach will always beat doing the same old thing.

Darren will show us how it's done.





Rise and Design lasts for approximately three hours, and includes networking before and after speakers. There is a chance to pitch at the end of the speakers' presentations, and you can book a stand for the whole event. We encourage all delegates to stay after presentations for networking - it is one of the most valuable parts of Rise and Design.



This project is funded by the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.
The UK Shared Prosperity Fund is a central pillar of the UK government’s Levelling Up agenda and provides £2.6 billion of funding for local investment by March 2025. The Fund aims to improve pride in place and increase life chances across the UK investing in communities and place, supporting local business, and people and skills. For more information, visit

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