Rise and Design: New Approaches to Branding

Date: Friday, 14th January 2022

Time: 10:00 - 12:30

Location: Online

Cost: Free


Not sure what your brand says about you, or whether it resonates with your customers ? Here's how you can learn more.

About this event

We all have a brand, which as we all know is much, much more than a logo.

But how do we know what our brand really is? Or what we want it be?

Well this is the place to hear from some leading brand practitioners about their approaches to helping clients discover their true brand values, and how to share them with their customers and the wider world.

We'll be hearing from -

Mat Lazenby, Lazenby Brown

With over 25 years experience as a designer, Mat was beginning to wonder whether the design process was broken. All too often there's no proper brief, too many cooks, opinions driven by personal taste, no time or budget for strategy and sadly, no crystal balls.

So he developed his own brand process that draws on the 60 personality types pioneered by the psychoanalyst Carl Jung. Think of them as characters in every film you've ever seen; from Maverick to Samaritan, agree these with your client and you have established the 'feel' of their brand on day one, everything flows from there; brand landscape, content strategy, tone of voice - everything. Mat will tell us more

Paul Alderson, Wonderstuff

Newcastle based Wonderstuff have created wonderful brands for everything from gin to food supplements, from craft beer to financial services. But all of these great brands start with understanding what's at the heart of the company, and finding a way to share that with those that need to hear it.

Paul will talk us though their brand process, and share some of the amazing results

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