Strategic Planning 2024: Maximising Success and Growth for SMEs

Date: Tuesday, 13th February 2024

Time: 09:00 - 12:30

Location: Derwent Manor Boutique Hotel

Cost: Free


Far too many business owners are operating “in the day-to-day” and simply spinning their wheels because they don’t have strategic goals or a plan.

This is the hamster wheel that too many business owners get caught on – and it leads to overwhelm, fighting fires on a daily basis and limited or no growth.

Thinking seriously about growth means creating a plan for working “on” the business, increasing its value, enabling it to grow or scale and building a business that can eventually work without you.

This fast-paced and interactive workshop will help ambitious owner-managers to understand how they can develop a plan to build a scalable, growth-focused business and successfully break through some of the growth barriers they are likely to encounter along the way.


You will leave with a number of clear ideas, frameworks and techniques to plan the growth of your business so that you run it, rather than it runs you, including:

· Understanding your personal drivers and goals as an Owner and the kind of company you want to build

· The differences between a lifestyle business and a scalable business and why that’s important

· The key indicators of high owner-reliance and how to remove yourself as the biggest bottleneck

· How to plan the transition from having a business that “is” you to one that’s self-managing

· Planning for growth: overcoming stress-points and glass ceilings and examples of good and bad growth

· How to make high-value activities that will drive growth “non-negotiable” in your business

· Agile planning: identifying key “rocks” and creating an accountability structure for execution

Speaker Biography

Ross Golightly is an experienced and award winning Growth Strategist, Consultant, Coach, Mentor and Non-Executive Director. His firm (Sphera Consulting Ltd) typically works with Owners and Management Team’s across the UK and Europe to scale, systematise or exit their businesses.

Ross has 25+ years industry experience and has spent the last 15 years working with 1,000+ businesses around the UK (and internationally), ranging from start-ups to multi-8-figure listed PLC’s across manufacturing, services and digital/technology.

He regularly works closely with a range of Boards to drive aggressive revenue and profit growth and is an experienced Non-Executive Director having sat on (or chaired) Boards in professional services, healthcare, education and technology and holding 4 x current NED roles on the Boards of other scaling companies.


Please note this workshop is for DURHAM based businesses only.

Workshop content is aimed at SMEs with a Turnover of £0-5million

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