A Celebration for Pupils Across the Region Took Place Last Week at Durham University

24th Oct 2022

The evening was organised by the North East STEM Hub, delivered by RTC. The motivation behind the North East STEM Hub and Nuffield Research Placements are to inspire the next generation to explore careers in STEM. The placements provide real-life experience which hopes to spark interest and encourage year 12 pupils to investigate subjects relating to Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

Guest speakers included Maria Rossini, Head of Education at the British Science Association and Michelle Price, Head of IT Services at Balfour Beatty. Maria Rossini relayed to the students the opportunity of applying to the CREST awards. CREST is a nationally recognised scheme for student-led project work in the STEM subjects. The Nuffield Research projects the pupils completed can be assessed to a high standard and moderation is achieved for the scheme via their network of industry experts from the education and STEM sectors. Its opportunities like these that enable students to stand out and awards like this look impressive on CV’s and university applications. Michelle Price enlightened the audience with the efforts, commitment, and moderations her and the rest of her team put in place when welcoming two students on placement with them.

Rob Stobie, Project Manager at the North East STEM Hub comments:

“It is impossible not to be impressed by the Academic Posters produced by this year’s students. The celebration event has been the perfect way to bring together the students, their parents, teachers, and placement providers and to recognise this amazing achievement in the wonderful venue of the Calman Learning Centre at Durham University. The students I have spoken to talk about what a fantastic and enjoyable experience it has been for them and are incredibly appreciative for the glimpse they have had into their future careers and the world of research. The placement providers also found the experience to be incredibly rewarding, having selflessly invested their time to provide the placements and to offer support. I think this has really shown that when people with potential are given the right opportunities and support, it is possible to achieve things which are no less than fantastic.”

This wonderful evening celebrated the pupil’s achievements with an exhibition of the academic posters produced by the students. Handouts and booklets from university placement providers were given out, showcasing STEM subject courses as well as providers offering support and career advice. Rob finalised the evening by handing out certificates of achievement to the students.

For more information about Nuffield research placements, follow this link: Welcome to Nuffield Research Placements | Nuffield Research Placements

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