ACES Couture

Aces Couture needed support establishing a web platform for their newest clothing brand ACES Couture. Sanjay Jerath, Director of Aces Couture said:

“We required support at the time to launch a brand-new website for ACES Couture from scratch, to allow us to sell and distribute our products worldwide.

“We received grant funding from RTC to be able to do this which has been paramount for the business. The funding enabled our small business to begin trading in April and since then we have seen revenue growth on the website from £5k in April 2018 to over £40k in September. The website is also linked to our internal systems allowing us to process and account for transaction on an automatic basis

“I can confidently say that the new website for ACES Couture is the catalyst for the development of the brand both in the UK and overseas and RTC’s support and advice have helped massively to achieve this.

“The funding and support from RTC North have been the springboard to our future growth plans. We are looking to expand the website design, functionality and speed as the business continues to grow, and we hope RTC will be able to support us with our future growth plans as well. “

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