Airlane Pneumatics Ltd

Airlane Pneumatics are pneumatic control and compressed air equipment specialists based in Sunderland. They use leading-edge technologies to improve manufacturing output and reduce both cost and environmental legacies. 

The company became a client of RTC a year ago (2017), following referral by a business consultant who has worked with Managing Director Gary Conlin. Gary said: “At the time we contacted RTC, we felt the business was stuck in a rut.  We needed to bring in fresh ideas and a different perspective on what we do and how we go about it.

Our advisors worked with Gary and the team to develop a three-year business plan together with a sales model to provide visibility within the business relating to sales performance.  They also identified and provided suitable funding support.

In addition, the advisers supported the development of a Sales Model which will provide visibility within the business relating to sales performance. We are also in the process of growing our team by recruiting a new Business Development Manager.

“The funding received from RTC helped us employ a business consultant, Tony Wright of PWA Unlimited.  He helped us understand exactly what we were able to offer, understand our USP and develop several services to complement it. 

“The biggest eye-opener was that we actually had everything we needed for these services available in-house.  We just needed the guidance to bring it all together to take them to market. 

“We developed a three-day pneumatics training course, a health & safety-based site survey where we document areas to improve health and safety, help reduce costs and improve efficiency.  We also upgraded our project management procedure to give clearer documentation and process control to both ourselves and our customers.

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