Edwards’ Analytical

Edwards’ Analytical are a contract testing laboratory for the analysis and evaluation of materials and products for many industries, including: pharmaceutical, healthcare, FMCG and plastics and packaging. They have been a client of RTC North for several years and have already benefited from a few of our services, including our training offer.


Sarah was looking to acquire a formal management qualification to add to her 11 years of management experience, so chose RTC's Level 3 Chartered Management Institute programme. She also wanted to enrich her knowledge and improve her business use of social media, so attended a Level 2 SFEDI accredited programme.

"It has been a real pleasure attending both courses. The application process was very simple and straightforward. When I arrived the staff at RTC were very helpful and made me feel welcome and comfortable.

I am not particularly a 'classroom based' learner, but Mica, the trainer, made the course very interesting and engaging, therefore the tasks were a lot easier to understand," said Sarah.

There are a few elements of the training sessions Sarah's taken back to her workplace and implemented in her working practices:

"The Managing for Success course fit perfectly with my experience and enrolling on it was a simple process. I have learnt how to understand the personalities of staff and how to approach them to achieve productivity and I can say the change in my approach is already proving successful. I have also started to actively plan and prioritise my tasks to achieve results."

The Mastering Social Media for Your Business training seminar was a real eye-opener for Sarah. She now makes full use of social media advertising after being able to receive an in-depth training into how to implement this within the business's strategy. She has also implemented analytics onto all social media platforms, and also onto Edwards' Analytical website.

"RTC North's training service has allowed our staff to extend their knowledge and implement it into the business, and we have gained customers as a result! I'd definitely come back and do more training courses with RTC.

I have already recommended their training services to colleagues and I also actively share RTC's social media posts and try to spread the word and support their brilliant work in that way," commented Sarah.

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