Empowering Local Communities: How you can Make a Difference Locally as a STEM Ambassador

24th Jan 2024

In an era where STEM careers are growing in importance, it has never been more important to raise awareness and enthusiasm around those careers, what it takes to get there and the different routes available to young people. 

As a STEM Ambassador, your goal is to introduce children of all ages to careers that they would potentially not discover by themselves or be introduced to at school. We connect industry professionals, ages 17+ to students with the aim to help strengthen and shape the future of industry and STEM careers.  

So whether you are just starting out in your STEM Career as an apprentice or have worked in industry for many years, your invaluable insight and experience can make a profound difference in the lives of the next generation. Here’s how: 

1. Virtual Workshops and Webinars: 

Virtual Workshops and Webinars are a great way to provide an interactive session in a shorter space of time, you can give just an hour or two of your time to talk about STEM concepts and real-world relevance. Whether it’s a chemistry experiment or a discussion on renewable energy, these virtual experiences can spark curiosity in young STEM enthusiasts. 

 2. Pre-Recorded Educational Videos: 

You could create a pre-recorded video that can be used time and time again. This could be a virtual tour around your workplace, a day-in-the-life or why the job you do is so important and what it is you are working towards. These serve as valuable resources for both students and teachers, enhancing the accessibility of STEM education within the community and broadening your reach as a volunteer. 

3. In-person visits

STEM Ambassadors can conduct career talks that shed light on all kinds of career opportunities within STEM fields. Chatting with students face-to-face can be an impactful way to impart your experience and insights. Local students would benefit massively from hearing your professional journey, learning about the skills and experience they might need to get into a career like yours.  

4. Practical Activities 

If you have the resources to do so, you could plan practical activities with your local schools. Captivating experiments and hands-on activities leave a lasting impression on young minds and can help them to better understand how STEM careers could look for them.  

5. STEM Fest Expos 

Your local STEM hub hosts a variety of exhibitions for students of all ages called STEM Fest. This is a great way for you to get involved and talk with hundreds of students about your industry. Here, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate STEM through informative talks, hands-on exhibits, mini-experiments and activities that provoke inspiring thoughts and engaging conversation. 

6. Site-Visits 

Bring the students to you! School trips are a great way to engage students and give them hands-on experience as to what goes on in your workplace, what careers are available there and also talk to some of your colleagues about your workplace and ask questions as they go.  

7. Online Challenges and Competitions 

Organising online STEM challenges and competitions is a great way to encourage creativity, innovation and problem-solving skills. Why not pre-record a quick video with a task or brief for students and ask them to create something? For example, if you work in structural engineering, why not give students a task that involves building a structure from Lego that has to meet certain requirements? Use your imagination. This is another great way to support young people without having to be present in the classroom. 

In conclusion, STEM Ambassadors are dedicated individuals who play a pivotal role in enriching STEM education and fostering a love for science and technology within local communities. Through their diverse initiatives, they empower students, educators, and the community to explore the world of STEM, paving the way for a brighter and more innovative future for all. 
If you’re interested in becoming a STEM Ambassador, please head to for more information or to make an application.  

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