Enviresearch Ltd

Enviresearch provide regulatory and risk assessment service for the global chemical industry across Europe. They engage with academic research and invest in new ideas to ensure they are at the cutting edge of science.

This is the first time RTC North has provided support for Enviresearch in several years,

James Garratt, director at Enviresearch said: “We heard about the support available through the NBSL and their workshop on business growth (delivered by Sphera).

“During the workshop I was aware that I knew what to do but unsure on how to implement the actions without help. There were many areas of the business that needed attention in order to facilitate growth but I was running around with the day to day operating of the business.

“When I heard of the support from RTC it allowed me to engage Sphera directly in helping to drive implementation of these points.”

RTC provided Enviresearch with a grant assist to bring in a consultant to implement a business development strategy and grow their business.

Some of the objectives set were to move the business back into growth pattern and double revenue, identify the specific building blocks required to maximise the company’s valuation, create a business growth strategy that maps out specific growth objectives, activities and accountabilities.

Our advisors would also looked at the structure of the company, so it becomes fully systems-dependent with an effective management team in place. Significantly increased the skills, competences and knowledge of the MD so he can become an even more effective leader of the business.

James said: “Without the RTC support and the advice from Sphera, we would not be in such a good place now.  There are two noticeable impacts; firstly, the recording of time is now improved, and this has led to a step change in how accurately we can charge our clients for work.  This has allowed our monthly revenues to increase by around 20% (with no additional effort). 

“Secondly, we have been able to launch our new office, in Lisbon, to expand our geographical reach into Southern Europe.  Without this development, we would have been hostage to Brexit and would have severely curtailed any future expansion.  This has already led to three new clients and increased regular revenue.

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