Exciting Futures for STEM Team Members

20th Jan 2023

Janine Marshall from the North East STEM Hub, delivered by RTC, has eagerly started her new role within the team, becoming Head of Education and Skills.

Janine’s new focus is on strategic and business development and will concentrate on the direction of the team and the education and skills element of RTC North. The ambition of RTC North is to develop more collaborative partnerships around Education, STEM and Skills in the region. 

An exciting and busy future awaits the team, Janine will continue to have overall responsibility for the group whilst ensuring direct successful delivery of the STEM and Education offer. She will also be supporting the directorate in the development and expansion of education provision within RTC. Janine comments:  

“I am enthusiastic about the future of the company and seeing how Education and collaboration will contribute to the development and expansion of RTC North and the North East STEM Hub.” 

Janine’s new position will involve creating effective collaborative relationships with regional partners and stakeholders, spreading awareness and creating connections for the North East STEM Hub to develop the region. She will also be overseeing the effectiveness of the STEM and Education delivery whilst investigating, formulating, and delivering Business Development activities to extend STEM/ Education opportunities and reach for RTC.  

The North East STEM Hub is a great team of education and STEM specialists who are passionate about inspiring the next generation into the world of STEM. Over the years they’ve created extremely successful events from STEMFest to the STEM Awards, there is no doubt this year is going to be even more exciting and rewarding. To find out more about the North East STEM Hub and events to get involved with, please visit: North East STEM Hub :: Home page 

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