Floki Health Ltd

RTC jumped on board when Floki Health was in the process of developing a medical device tracking platform and needed assistance with funding.  RTC also offered assistance relating to NHS operations and practises and advice on market entry to this unique market place. 


Fenwick Smith, CEO of Floki Health said: “We benefited from two of the programmes on RTC’s portfolio – Pathways 2 Innovation and Designing Better Business.

“RTC’s advisors helped us develop a business model that could demonstrate the technology of the business can be implemented on a financially viable and scalable basis.”

RTC assisted with the evaluation of business model, costs, potential customer value proposition to ensure financial viability and more importantly scalability. This also included the identification of customer metrics to ensure the value can be clearly attributed to the technology and thus verifying value and potential scalability.

Fenwick added: “RTC also helped us establish a robust business plan which is business specific and investor ready with detailed risk analysis and exit points for investors, which is value added and has the potential to accelerate our future.”

“We have already completed the first implementation of the platform into the NHS which is already proving successful. “

“Thanks to RTC, we now have a platform which offers greater flexibility in our growth plans and have a clear vision for the future.”

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