Great North Research and Innovation Builds Advisory Support

07th Sep 2022

Experience Bank Group has stepped up to support Great North Research and Innovation (GNRI) to create its first Advisory Board for its next stage of progress, through The Experience Bank’s philanthropic activity.

Dr Georgios Gerardos was introduced to Peter Neal through a colleague, as GNRI has reached a stage of development with its diagnostic technology where commercial activities are expected to take place in the near future.

An intensive care doctor who specialises in Neonatal Medicine, Dr Gerardos founded GNRI following a research degree in Molecular Microbiology at Newcastle University. GNRI’s principal technology is a point-of-care system that assists clinicians in diagnosing Sepsis rapidly and accurately. He said:

“Strong progress in the development project for the GNRI diagnostic technology means our focus will increasingly be on commercialisation.  These are exciting times, but it is also a big transition for our small team. Support from the Experience Bank in these coming stages will be crucial to our ongoing success.”

Peter Neal, founder of The Experience Bank Group, sourced a good number of candidates who volunteered their advisory expertise to GNRI which has resulted in Dr Gerardos bringing onboard three trusted pair of hands who excel in commercialisation, sales, strategic progress, market access and corporate structuring. He is looking to build the numbers further in the coming months.

Peter said:

“GNRI as a R&D company is taking great strides in advancement. Their work will improve patient outcomes, enable optimal treatment pathways and reduce healthcare costs. The diagnostic tool although focused initially on Sepsis can lend itself to multiple applications so with the right advisory support in place, the future is very bright. I was keen to help such an important medical advancement with our service.”

The GNRI team works in collaboration with key partner organisations to deliver advanced research and development in biotechnology for the benefit of patients and healthcare providers around the world. The company’s purpose is to bring about a step-change in the field of medical diagnostics and to introduce novel, affordable solutions that offer enhanced speed and accuracy. Dr Gerardos concluded:

“It has been a very positive experience working with Peter and his input to finding the right people will make a difference in our next steps forward. Peter gives good advice and spends the time that is needed. He has so many contacts and people who have the right knowledge to help.  If your business, at whatever stage, needs advisory support, The Experience Bank is without doubt the place to go.”

Experience Bank Group incorporates The Experience Bank philanthropic, social enterprise company along with a commercial venture providing three symbiotic services - EB Board Level Recruitment, EB High Performing Boards and EB Continuous Personal Development.

With this combination of specialist expertise, the Experience Bank Group is uniquely positioned to help organisations ensure they have not only the right skills in the leadership team and boardroom but also optimum board performance with higher value creation.

5% of all revenue from Experience Bank Group is gifted to The Experience Bank social enterprise to enable more start-ups, early-stage businesses, charities and social enterprises access to high quality, advisory and non-executive talent.

If you are keen to know more then visit or call Peter on 07843 329393.

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