Growth Engine Gains Momentum with Innovative Marketing Automation Software

30th Oct 2023

As a pioneering marketing automation platform and data-driven CRM system, Growth Engine is your ultimate solution for consistently filling, automating and amplifying your sales pipeline so you can seize every opportunity that comes your way. 


Michelle's innovative business journey has received a significant boost through RTC North, a prominent provider of business support and innovation services.  


Michelle began working with Innovation and Growth Specialist, Glyn Selway. Together they collaborated closely to identify key obstacles, including funding options, and devised a strategic action plan to surmount them. Recognising priorities and the necessary steps to move forward was pivotal for Growth Engine's progress. 


Since then, Michelle has propelled Growth Engine to new heights, culminating in her selection for the Female Founder's Accelerator Programme, in partnership with Bruntwood SciTech. This six-month programme offers female founders, leaders, and entrepreneurs in Leeds and Manchester specialised business support to foster growth. As part of this program, Michelle will receive £20,000 worth of additional business support, encompassing 1:1 mentoring, monthly professional guidance, and six months of free desk space at the Tech Hub in Leeds. 


With a clear strategy in place, Growth Engine is poised for growth and evolution, attracting widespread recognition and accolades. Following an introduction by Glyn, the company recently secured a £25,000 start-up loan from the British Business Bank, enabling it to reach more customers, expand its team, and deliver transformative results for a broader range of organisations. 


Growth Engine's sister company, Get It Digital, has also received £10,000 in funding from Digital Enterprise. This grant, 50% match-funded, contributed towards a total of £20,000 to invest in digital projects. The funding will be instrumental in further developing Growth Engine's AI system, with plans to offer white-label solutions to agencies, enabling them to diversify revenue streams and enhance client retention. 


Reflecting on her time working with RTC North, Michelle said:  
“ Glyn has been a game changer in fuelling our business growth. If you've got big dreams for your business, Glyn is the person to know. He understands what businesses truly need and connects them with the right resources. He’s straight-forward – no sugar-coating, which is crucial when you’re seeking honest advice. 


In a world full of so called ‘business-advisors’ offering misguided advice, Glyn stands apart. Thanks to Glyn, we’ve secured the start up funding we needed and have been directed to programs that are speeding up our growth. 
In short, every business could benefit from having a Glyn on their team.” 





Glyn Selway had this to say about Michelle and Growth Engine:   


"It's great to see Michelle making significant strides in the market. She has been a valued client of ours for some time. She is so deserving of the company's success so far and we can definitely expect wonderful things from Growth Engine and its sister company, Get It Digital.  


The entire RTC North team is cheering for Michelle and her team and anticipates remarkable outcomes."  



About Growth Engine:  

Growth Engine is a state-of-the-art marketing automation and data-driven CRM platform, meticulously designed for B2B Sales Teams in Manufacturing, Engineering, and UK home services specialising in renewable energy. It offers transformative solutions for businesses aiming to supercharge their sales pipeline, automate their outreach, and optimise their growth strategies. 


About RTC North:  

RTC North is a renowned provider of business support and innovation services, committed to unlocking the potential of organisations and fostering sustainable growth. Their team of specialists offers tailored support to help businesses overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and thrive in a rapidly changing business landscape.  

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