Introducing the Young Green Briton Challenge – Dragons Den

24th Jan 2024

Sally Wilkinson, STEM Project Manager at the North East STEM Hub, delivered by RTC North, shines as a Dragon for the second consecutive year in the Young Green Briton Challenge.  

This initiative, in partnership with Volunteers for Future, Social Innovation for All, Ministry of Eco Education, and Green Britain Foundation, empowers 11-14-year-olds to address local climate issues through entrepreneurial solutions.  

Students apply design, innovation, business, and other transferable skills, empowering them to explore local climate and sustainability issues and design entrepreneurial solutions (Eco-Ventures) or campaigns (Eco-Campaigns) to address the problems they identify.  

Sally Wilkinson comments “I was delighted to be asked by Meryl Batchelder from Corbridge Middle School to attend this fantastic event for the second year running! 

Meryl does so much to promote STEM, sustainability, climate awareness and environmental issues in the classroom, making these topics a key part of her curriculum, in my opinion is vital for the future of us and our planet.  

It is always a joy to be asked into schools where I can see firsthand the difference teachers can have on inspiring our regions young people. Reflecting on this event, I think we witnessed some Entrepreneurs and Engineers of tomorrow!” 

Introducing climate change in schools helps students develop an awareness and understanding of the environmental challenges our planet is facing. This knowledge is the foundation for informed decision-making to contribute to sustainable and resilient practices for the future. Through this initiative it encourages critical thinking and problem-solving, students learn to analyse data, evaluate evidence, and draw conclusions about complex environmental issues. These skills are valuable for addressing a wide range of challenges in their future lives and careers. 

Nine teams of year 7’s rose to the “Young Green Briton Challenge” delivering outstanding pitches to the five Dragons!  

Purple Pickles – Litter picking in the local area  

Carbon Caterpillars – Building a garden on the school site  

Make Wool Cool – Promoting sustainable clothing  

MPG – Portable renewable energy  

The Green Geordies – Habitat boxes  

The fashion frogs – Uniform recycling  

Plastic Pickers – Reducing littering  

Meadow Maniacs - Spring-loaded cannon for seed sowing  

Hydroturtle – Plastic waste reduction campaign 

Rated for on Climate Impact, Innovation, achievability, sustainability, and pitch performance only 5 teams could move onto the next stage! The winners were the following: Purple Pickles, Make Wool Cool, MPG, The fashion frogs, and the Green Geordies. 

Statistics highlight the impact of this competition: 

93% of students increased their understanding of climate change 

87% of students learnt skills they think will help them in their futures 

88% of students feel hopeful that they can make a positive contribution to mitigating and adapting to climate change 

100% of teachers would recommend the programme to others 

To find more information please visit: YOUNG GREEN BRITON CHALLENGE | volunteersforfuture  

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