Meet Chris Scandle: STEM Ambassador of the Month

21st Nov 2023

Led by RTC North, The North East STEM Hub nurtures the North East STEM Ambassador programme - a collective of over a thousand dedicated volunteers committed to transforming the way young minds perceive and engage with STEM subjects.

Chris Scandle stands out as a beacon of inspiration, dedicating his time and expertise to ignite the flame of curiosity in the minds of young learners and is STEM Ambassador of the Month for November.

Chris is an Assistant Quantity Surveyor at Capita, working towards his degree apprenticeship at Northumbria University. Capita’s Local Government, Health and Property business is one of the largest and most diverse multidisciplinary consultancies operating in the building, design, real estate, civil engineering, environment, management and transport sectors. Chris has years of project procurement and commercial management experience in construction projects in the Local Government and Highways sectors. In addition to his work and studies, Chris has with much enthusiasm been a proactive STEM Ambassador. 

Capita has invested over £4,800 in sponsoring STEM Challenge Days for primary and secondary schools in North Tyneside. Challenge Days bring STEM subjects to life with hands-on workshops themed around the topics that students care about to give real-world context to their learning.

The impact is profound, as evidenced by the words of a young student "This is so much fun. I want to work for NASA when I'm older." Chris, with infectious enthusiasm, is a driving force behind this transformative initiative.

In 2022 and 2023, Chris took mentoring to new heights by guiding A-Level students from George Stephenson High School as part of the Engineering Development Trust’s Gold Project. This visionary initiative, led by industry experts, accelerates personal growth, offering students a tangible connection to the STEM world. Chris's commitment went above and beyond – ensuring students not only participated in virtual experiences but also physically visited project sites, maximising the impact of their learning journey.

Chris's dedication has not gone unnoticed. Internally, he has won awards for his project work, with one particular project winning a sustainability award. His outstanding contributions earned him the title of Apprentice of the Year within his company, showcasing his excellence in the national apprenticeship awards publications.

If you're inspired by Chris's journey and want to make a difference in the lives of young learners, seize the opportunity to become a STEM Ambassador. Reach out to Dawn Ross, the Partner Liaison Coordinator at the North East STEM Hub, and unlock the door to a world where your passion can shape the future:

To find out more about the North East STEM Hub, please visit: North East STEM Hub

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