North East STEM Awards 2023 Recognises Outstanding Achievements in STEM Education and Employment

12th Oct 2023

The North East STEM Awards, delivered by RTC North, are a prestigious event dedicated to celebrating excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), is delighted to announce this year's special recognition awards and commendable organisations that have excelled in promoting STEM engagement and education.

Claire Willis, Team Leader for the STEM team, commented: “We are delighted to host the upcoming 2023 North East STEM awards, a regional showcase of the amazing commitment of our STEM Ambassadors, teachers, and Companies. This event will celebrate the fantastic work of these brilliant individuals who work hard to inspire young people in science, technology, engineering, and maths. This evening recognises the initiatives which make a real impact and spark the enthusiasm for STEM subjects within our regional young people and open a path for an exciting career in STEM.”

Special Recognition Awards - The following individuals have received a nomination for special recognition for their outstanding contributions to STEM education and advocacy:

•           Paula McMahon, Sir Robert McAlpine

•           Simon Coates, Lockheed Martin

•           Tom Nightingale, Equinor

•           Alex Knight, STEMAZING

•           Katy Rotherham, Jacobs

•           Alex Penrose, MSP - Metrology Software Products Limited

•           Pete Edwards (Durham University)

These remarkable individuals have proven unwavering dedication, innovation, and leadership within their respective STEM domains, serving as inspiring role models for future generations of STEM enthusiasts.

The following companies are those who have been shortlisted into categories:

Largest Number of Active STEM Ambassadors from a North East SME (<250 employees) - The North East STEM Awards proudly recognises the following small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) for their exceptional commitment to STEM education through their active STEM Ambassadors:

•           Labman

•           Tridonic

•           Wootzano

These companies, despite their size, have made a significant impact by actively promoting STEM engagement and fostering the development of future STEM talent.

Largest Number of Active STEM Ambassadors from a Company with 250+ Employees - The North East STEM Awards applaud the following large corporations for their extensive network of STEM Ambassadors and their dedication to inspiring the next generation of STEM leaders:

•           Nissan

•           Fujifilm

•           Cummins

These companies have shown a commitment to STEM education that extends beyond their own operations, contributing to the overall growth of STEM in the North East region.

Most Inspirational Science Employer - The North East STEM Awards recognizes the following companies for their exemplary efforts in creating an inspirational environment for those pursuing careers in science:

•           Fujifilm

•           GSK (GlaxoSmithKline)


These organisations have demonstrated a strong commitment to nurturing talent in the field of science and encouraging innovation.

Most Inspirational Technology Employer - The North East STEM Awards acknowledge the following companies for their outstanding contributions to the world of technology and for inspiring future tech leaders:

•           AECOM

•           SAGE

•           DXC Technology

These technology employers have made significant strides in fostering an environment where innovation and technological advancement thrive.

Most Inspirational Engineering Employer - The North East STEM Awards celebrate the following companies for their dedication to engineering excellence and for shaping the future of the engineering industry:

•           Jacobs

•           Equinor

•           SRM (Sir Robert McAlpine)

These engineering employers have played a crucial role in driving innovation and excellence within the engineering sector.

Most Inspirational Maths Employer - The North East STEM Awards commend the following organizations for their commitment to promoting mathematics and inspiring future mathematicians:

•           SAGE

•           Virgin Money

These organisations have proven a strong dedication to the field of mathematics, making a significant impact on the STEM landscape.

The North East STEM Awards ceremony, where these outstanding individuals and organisations will be celebrated, will take place on 3rd November 2023 at the Crowne Plaza.

For more information about the North East STEM Awards and to purchase tickets please visit here.

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