North East STEM Awards Honours Excellence in STEM Education

06th Nov 2023

The prestigious North East STEM Awards took centre stage last Friday at the Crown Plaza in Newcastle.

A vibrant evening celebrating and acknowledging the exceptional contributions of North East STEM Ambassadors, STEM organisations, and teachers who have been a source of inspiration, engagement, and enthusiasm for countless young minds and educators in the field of STEM throughout the past year.

Organised annually by the North East STEM Hub, delivered by RTC North, this event boasts a dedicated team of seasoned education and STEM professionals committed to providing the best possible experience for our region's schools and Ambassadors. Their collective passion drives STEM education forward, igniting curiosity in every young learner they engage with.

The gala event drew leaders from the realms of education, business, and innovation, creating an inspiring atmosphere as they united to honour the dedication and passion of their fellow STEM enthusiasts who are nurturing and inspiring the next generation.

Claire Willis, Team Leader at the North East STEM Hub, remarked: “The North East STEM Awards shine a spotlight on the remarkable dedication and passion of those who are lighting the path for the next generation of STEM enthusiasts. Their commitment is the driving force behind our mission to inspire and nurture young minds, creating a brighter future for STEM education in our region."

Award winners included:

  • The award for the highest number of hours by a North East STEM Ambassador, presented to Paula McMahon, an outstanding representative from Sir Robert McAlpine, a prominent British construction and infrastructure company.
  • The Largest Number of Active STEM Ambassadors from a North East SME (<250 employees) was bestowed upon Tridonic (UK) Ltd, despite their size, for their significant impact on STEM engagement and talent development.
  • The Largest Number of Active STEM Ambassadors from a Company with 250+ Employees was awarded to Nissan Motor Manufacturing UK Ltd for their substantial commitment to STEM education in the North East.
  • The Most Inspirational Science Employer went to Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies UK Ltd, recognised for creating an inspiring environment for those pursuing careers in science.
  • The Most Inspirational Technology Employer accolade was presented to SAGE (UK) Ltd, who have excelled in fostering innovation and technological advancements.
  • Jacobs Ltd received the Most Inspirational Engineering Employer award for their pivotal role in driving innovation and excellence within the engineering sector.
  • Virgin Money Ltd bestowed the Most Inspirational Maths Employer, reflecting their strong dedication to mathematics and their impact on the STEM landscape.
  • The Most Inspirational North East STEM Employer was presented to Cummins, a global leader in power technology.
  • The Most Inspirational North East Primary School Teacher award was bestowed upon David Fraser, while Meryl Batchelder was recognised as the Most Inspirational Secondary School Teacher. These educators have empowered students through encouragement, mentorship, and a supportive learning environment, instilling curiosity, and a love for STEM subjects.
  • Special Recognition Awards were awarded to individuals including Simon Coats, Mike Bowen, Tom Nightingale, Alexandra Knight, Katie Rotherham, Pete Edwards and Alex Penrose, who have demonstrated unwavering dedication, innovation, and leadership within their respective STEM domains.
  • The Northern Education Trust was honoured with two Special Recognition Awards for their substantial contributions to STEM and Cyber education in the North East.

The event concluded with a commitment to continue supporting and promoting STEM education in the North East. The North East STEM Hub expressed their heartfelt gratitude to all attendees for making the evening a remarkable success.

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