Nuffield Research Placements Provided for Students Over Summer

06th Sep 2022

The North East STEM Hub is built of a team of education and STEM specialists who are passionate about inspiring the next generation into the world of STEM. The Nuffield Research Placements Programme offers year 12 pupils the chance to get industry experience across Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths subjects. 

Nuffield Research Placements provide professional working experiences, enabling students to gain new skills whilst building up their network. Students conduct a supervised yet independent research project, collaborating with the organisation providing their placement. All placements relate to STEM subjects, encouraging the next generation to lead innovation. The placements enable targeted students to apply the skills and knowledge developed at school. The value these opportunities provide are incomparable for the students, placing them ahead of the game and guiding them to make great career choices. 

 Rob Stobie, the Enrichment Partnership Coordinator, comments: 

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my role as the Nuffield Research Placements Coordinator for the North East this year. The scheme has provided fantastic opportunities for promising students to help realise their potential by allowing them to undertake research in a workplace setting whilst interacting with the professions which they aspire to work in. I have loved visiting the labs, offices, kitchens, archaeology digs and even an observatory to see everyone enjoying the exposure to a fantastic array of placements and environments. More importantly it was seeing them having lots of fun at the same time. Meeting the placement providers has been great too and their commitment, enthusiasm, and passion for helping nurture the next generation of students has been very clear to see.  

The scheme is so important in helping develop the next generation of STEM and Social Science students but also in making strong links between students, schools, Universities, and local Businesses too. I cannot wait for the celebration event in October and then starting the recruitment process for next year’s placements.” 

Graduate Internship marketing officer, Mia Harding has been reporting on the placements, she added:  

“Beginning my role as a Marketing Officer at RTC, I was thrilled to be set the task of marketing the critical work Rob does for the young people in our region and spread awareness of the Nuffield Research Programme. The value this opportunity provides for the students is outstanding and as part of my role over the last few weeks, has been to capture and spread this. Conducting interviews with the students and placement providers, I really saw the importance of these opportunities for guiding the students and the impact it will have on their futures. RTC, who runs STEM Hub North East, are contributing towards the creation of vital opportunities for young people in the North East and understand the importance of STEM learning.”  

The range of placements Rob was able to secure for the students was vast, from visiting Kielder Observatory learning about astrophysics and space to Northumbria University learning about nutrition and diet, to the RVI examining swallow variability. Although the placement fields vary, the smiles on the pupils’ faces were consistent. Students have the opportunity on these placements to contribute to vital research work that can make a real difference and help shape the future.  

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