RTC North gets JOSCAR seal of approval

20th Jul 2023

RTC North, a leading mission-led company, has proudly achieved the highly esteemed JOSCAR recertification, once again affirming its unwavering commitment to supply chain security across various critical aspects such as information security, cyber security, and corporate social responsibility.

The JOSCAR certification, widely recognised and utilised by the aerospace, defence, and security industries, plays a pivotal role in ensuring that suppliers meet and exceed the exacting standards set by these sectors, highlighting RTC's dedication to upholding excellence.

With a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1989, RTC has consistently positioned itself as a trusted partner, assisting over 20,000 SMEs throughout the North of England in their pursuit of innovation, competitiveness, and growth. Through direct collaboration, RTC's knowledgeable advisors have empowered these organisations to access untapped markets and successfully commercialise groundbreaking ideas, seamlessly navigating the journey from design to manufacturing. RTC have a widespread presence with offices spanning the North, North West, Yorkshire and Humber regions, complemented by its central head office situated in Sunderland.

Alan Whittaker, Programme Manager of Supply Chain, acknowledged the collective efforts and dedication of the RTC team, commenting:

"The recertification is a testament to the team’s hard work and dedication. Receiving this demonstrates RTC’s commitment to working with the UK’s aerospace, defence and security sectors. RTC is committed to maintaining these standards and providing customers with the best possible services.”

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