RTC North Re-Certified as JOSCAR Approved - Alan Whittaker

08th Jul 2024

RTC North proudly announces its re-certification as a JOSCAR (Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register) approved supplier. This accreditation underscores our continued commitment to excellence in the aerospace, defence, and security sectors.

JOSCAR, an accreditation system established by the ADS Group, streamlines the procurement process for prime contractors and participating buying organisations. By centralising supplier information, JOSCAR enhances efficiency, reduces duplication, and lowers costs. This system allows validated supplier information to be easily accessed, searched, analysed, and reported through a standard internet browser.

The benefits of JOSCAR accreditation for RTC are:

  • Easier Customer Compliance: Simplifies the process of demonstrating compliance to multiple customers simultaneously.
  • Resource and Time Efficiency: Maintains a single profile for multiple customers, with information tailored to the goods and services supplied.
  • Simpler Approach: Utilises selectable answer options for faster completion compared to traditional questionnaires.
  • Control Over Information: Allows company information to be updated at any time through a secure online portal.
  • Business Improvement: Helps identify common requirements of multiple customers and potential areas for business improvement.

Alan Whittaker, Head of Operations commented:

"Re-certification as a JOSCAR-approved supplier is a significant achievement for our company. It demonstrates our dedication to meeting industry standards and enhances our visibility and accessibility to major buyers in the aerospace, defence, and security sectors. This accreditation will help us build stronger relationships with our clients and streamline our processes, ultimately driving our business forward."

The JOSCAR accreditation system assesses suppliers based on a risk-based heat map, which determines the type and extent of information and validation required. Expert advice is provided throughout the process, helping suppliers identify business improvement opportunities that may enhance their competitive advantage.

RTC North is honoured to be a part of the JOSCAR community and looks forward to leveraging this accreditation to further our mission of providing exceptional service and solutions to our clients.

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