Spark Your Curiosity: STEMFest Yorkshire 2024 Unveiled

Jonathan Wood, Vice President and Chief Technical Officer at Cummins

22nd Apr 2024

Mark your calendars for an electrifying experience as STEMFest comes to Yorkshire! 2nd, 3rd and 4th of July get ready to be captivated by the marvels of STEM fields in the region as we ignite the imaginations of the next generation at the Life Centre in Bradford.

The event coordinated by the Yorkshire and Humber STEM Hub, delivered by RTC North, will involve around 60 local companies showcasing the wide range of careers and job roles available in the STEM sector in the region. Businesses will be invited to deliver fun, interactive sessions relating to their industry.

STEMFest Yorkshire is made possible through the generous support of the headline sponsor Cummins, whose commitment to STEM education and outreach helps to make events like this possible. Cummins is a global power technology leader that designs, manufactures, distributes, and services a broad portfolio of power solutions. Having been dedicated supporters of numerous STEMFest events in the past, they continue in their commitment to bolstering the overarching mission of the STEM Hub and this upcoming event.

“Cummins is focused on expanding STEM education initiatives and increasing our impact around the world,” said Jonathan Wood, Vice President and Chief Technical Officer at Cummins. “Our commitment to STEM education and outreach is central to our core values at Cummins, and we believe it is vital to building a sustainable future. That's why we are proud to sponsor STEMFest Yorkshire, an event that offers a unique opportunity to inspire and educate young people about the many exciting and rewarding careers available in the STEM sector.”

STEMFest aims to encourage and engage young people from local schools in STEM subjects, and it will be open to groups from state-funded schools, including Primary and Secondary years. This event promises to be an unforgettable experience filled with interactive exhibits, captivating demonstrations, and hands-on activities designed to ignite curiosity and passion. The Life Centre is a unique location providing an ideal backdrop for STEMfest, bringing a dynamic and creative atmosphere to the event. Over 3000 young people aged from 10 – 14yrs from the region’s schools are expected to attend the event across three days.

"We are thrilled to announce Life Centre as the venue for STEMFest Yorkshire," said Claire Willis, Team Leader at the Yorkshire and Humber and North East STEM Hub. “Schoolchildren will have the opportunity to explore the fascinating world of STEM in a dynamic and interactive environment. We look forward to welcoming students and STEM enthusiasts from STEM companies from across the Yorkshire and Humber region to join us. I also want to thank Cummins, as without this kind of support events like this simply wouldn’t be possible”.

If your company is based in Yorkshire or Humberside and operates within the STEM sector, and you're concerned about securing your future workforce or passionate about nurturing young talent, enhancing employment prospects, and supporting local industry and commerce, then don't miss this chance to showcase your company's work and career opportunities at STEMFest. As an esteemed exhibitor at STEMFest, your role involves delivering engaging, interactive sessions relating to your industry. We anticipate a turnout of over 3000 young from schools across the region and this event provides a prime opportunity to showcase the exciting aspects of your field. Register your interest to exhibit via Eventbrite: STEMFest Yorkshire and Humber 2024 Tickets, Tue 2 Jul 2024 at 08:00 | Eventbrite

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