STEM Spotlight - Dawn Ross

16th Aug 2022

Can you briefly explain your background and how you got to work in STEM?

I came up to the North East in 1996 from Yorkshire and spent 11 years working for a bank in their finance department as a Senior Account Manager. In 2006 I changed my career to work in business support which led me to work for RTC North. I supported the STEM Team for a while and really enjoyed the experience, so when I was asked if I would like to work with the team full time, I jumped at the opportunity and have never looked back.

What are the key responsibilities in your role?

I thoroughly enjoy my role as the STEM Ambassador coordinator, I get to be involved in so many projects, however my main responsibilities include recruiting new STEM Ambassadors whilst working closely with them to ensure they get the best out of the programme. I attend networking sessions, support companies and stakeholders, complete newsletters, and update the website. I have contributed to a variety of projects such as the STEMFest events, Trailblazers, NEWS (North East Women in STEM) and the Nuffield programme.

Describe a typical day.

Each day is different and exciting. I could be answering Ambassador queries via email or having conversations with Ambassadors about their STEM accounts, how to search for STEM activities or how to record what they have delivered. I could be pulling reports for employers or arranging meetings with stakeholders. I am also on social media a lot; my thing is LinkedIn, I couldn’t be without it.

What do you enjoy most, or what are you most proud of in your job?

I work with a great team and love the way we all pull together to make things happen. I love to see children’s faces after they have attended one of our events and they tell me it has been the best day of their lives, there is nothing more rewarding. I also enjoy reading all the positive feedback from our ambassadors and teachers.

What is one truth that would surprise your colleagues about you?

My daughter calls me “The Disney princess” because no matter where I am around the house, our animals always follow.

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