University placement secures full time role at RTC

26th Jul 2023

Mia Harding, a recent marketing graduate from Leeds Beckett University, has completed her one-year placement at RTC North and secured a full-time role with the company.

Mia joined the marketing department in August 2022 and before she continues her journey at RTC, she’s seizing the opportunity to embark on a backpacking adventure where she will travel around parts of Thailand, Bali, and Vietnam. Reflecting Mia comments:

“My internship at RTC has given me real world experience, I have learned how to apply theoretical concepts to real-world situations, how to work collaboratively with others, and how to handle the challenges that come with working in a professional environment.

“It was also brilliant to take part in the National Three Peaks Challenge, raising nearly £10k for Maggie’s charity was a huge accomplishment for me and I could not have done it without the encouragement from my colleagues.

“I am excited to return in October feeling refreshed, renewed, and ready to take on new challenges!”

Marketing Manager, Sarah Spence added:

“Mia quickly developed a great understanding of marketing principles and has built strong relationships across RTC. Her unique approach to marketing has contributed to the success of several projects, including our Nuffield placements, STEM Awards and this year’s STEMFest 2023.

“RTC are committed in nurturing and supporting young talents like Mia, and I look forward to welcoming her back as a valuable member of the team, providing her a platform to grow and thrive. I know that we all look forward to following her adventures and welcoming back her return.”   

RTC North is a leading provider of business support and innovation services, working with organizations to unlock their potential and achieve sustainable growth. With a wealth of expertise and a commitment to excellence, RTC North empowers businesses to overcome challenges, embrace opportunities, and drive success in a rapidly evolving marketplace. 

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