Over 20,000 young people across the UK tap into STEM

Laura Hepburn, Greenology

LAST week STEM Ambassador Hub North East delivered five days celebrating British Science Week where over 20,000 young people took part.

The events took place virtually where attendees could roll their sleeves up and get involved; from illuminating lollipops, climate change, and even included Laura Hepburn from Greenology on why she ditched James Bond and a career in film to set up her own recycling businesses here in the North East.

RTC North runs the STEM Ambassador Hub, covering Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, County Durham, and Tees Valley.

Seven presenters took part and 20,000 young people from across the UK participated, this number is still going up as all events can still be accessed on the STEM YouTube channel. Claire Willis, Education Relationship Manager commented:

“We wanted to support the British Science Association and to give kids the opportunity to learn and show that the North East is hot bed of innovation and theme was innovating for the future.

“Andy Turner from Andrew Turner inventions talking about anything from illuminating Lollipops to logistics of laying pipes safely and efficiently. Chris Joly, all the way from Thailand spoke about investing in companies trying to tackle climate change, Tamma Carel from Imvelo demonstrated how she helps companies reach the 15 UN Sustainability Goals.

“Paula McMahon from Sir Robert McAlpine delivered some amazing feats of engineering and the variety of careers available in the engineering sector. Craig Downs talking about a device that runners use to assess their gait while running so they can buy the right shoes and avoid injury and The All in One company on setting up her onesie business in Northumberland after designing and making her own onesie for her four year old daughter in 2004. Now celebrities are wearing them.

“Thank you to all the speakers who gave their time to engage with young people and celebrate what is unique and exciting about STEM.”

To view all of the talks please visit the North East STEM Ambassador Hub You Tube Channel

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