Remaining, content, healthy and productive when working from home

In light of recent advice, our staff will be working from home and learning to adapt to this flexible yet sometimes isolating environment.

Here at RTC we’ve compiled a few of our top tips for making the most out of your time at home. 

There are many perks of working from home including eliminating the daily commute and the flexibility to allocate your time around your personal commitments. 

However, when working remotely, it is important to stick to your regular hours as much as possible in the pursuit of a routine. Ensure you allocate your regular hours for both the morning and afternoon and take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the time saved commuting and get outside for some fresh air. 

With numerous distractions at home from children and tv to pets and chores, it’s necessary to stay focused for productivity and to achieve your regular daily goals. With this in mind, set boundaries with those in your space and make sure they are aware that just because you’re home you’re not free. 

Many people can struggle to find motivation and be productive at home but equally as many can also find it hard to switch off. Some people are lucky enough to be able to switch off when they’re home, however, when your work suddenly encroaches on this environment it can be tough to withdraw. The bottom line is that it is simply not possible to completely emulate an office day at home and you shouldn’t feel guilty taking breaks when required. 

When taking time out, be sure that you are able to fully indulge in this me-time. Leave your phone and laptop, watch tv or take your dog for a walk ready to return with a clear head. 

Another issue when working from home can be forgetting to communicate with your colleagues due to the absence of them near you. It can be easy to overlook and forget to update your team and direct peers with important information. If you are working from home don’t fear over communicating, it is much more effective to keep people in the loop more frequently than usual than it is to assume they’ll know what you’re currently working on. 

If you are struggling with your new found working environment, don't simply isolate yourself, instead let your colleagues know, they're likely to be dealing with the same issues. Leverage internal communications including Intranet and messaging platforms to check in with your team and for a sense of normality in this uncertain time.

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