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Enterprise Europe Network

EEN is the world's largest business network and a great platform on which to promote your business, technology or ideas across Europe and beyond.

Enterprise Europe Network is the world’s largest business network and a great platform on which to promote your business, technology or ideas across Europe and beyond.

At the heart of the service are over 600 companies like RTC working with clients to find and connect partners to do commercial deals, share technology and new ideas or develop research partnerships.

Specifically designed for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), but also available to all businesses, research centres and universities across Europe. The Network is funded by the European Commission and Innovate UK and is now central to the European Commission’s R&D and innovation programme - Horizon 2020.


The expanded scope includes account managing and supporting some of the leading technology SMEs in Europe and adding further value to SMEs such as through providing one-to-one expert advice on enhancing their innovation management capacity.


Innovate2Succeed  is part of Innovate UK’s national innovation programme offering support to those businesses hungry for growth. Delivered by RTC North through the Enterprise Europe Network across the North of England.

Enterprise Europe Network Services Include:

Going International

When you expand your business to another country, you need competent and trustworthy partners. The Enterprise Europe Network helps you find them. Our business database contains thousands of company profiles and you can meet potential business partners in person at our matchmaking events.

Technology Transfer

If you're looking to find a partner to develop a new technology or looking to exploit existing technologies within your business, the Enterprise Europe Network can help match you with partners overseas to support this.

Access to Finance

Getting finance can be a big challenge for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Do you know who offers venture capital or loans in your region, your country or in Europe? What’s the best way to sell your business plan to investors? The Enterprise Europe Network advisers can help your company to access the finance it needs to grow.

Research Funding

Taking part in an EU-funded research project is a great way to boost your company’s competitiveness. Our advisers will help you identify your needs and connect you with the right partners for successful projects.

Advice on EU Law and Standards

Do you need information about how EU laws and regulations affect your business? The Enterprise Europe Network’s experts can help you find your way through the legal maze and make it easier to sell your product or service in another EU country.

Speak up on EU Law

Are you facing problems doing business in another EU country? Do you find it difficult to comply with EU law? Tell us what you think and help the European Commission improve legislation for your business.

Applicable Regions: North East


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