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This fully funded programme is designed to drive growth among SMEs by raising their internal capacity to innovate.

Innovate2Succeed helps growing companies with plenty of ambition to manage the development of products and services, helping to get them to the right market in a timely fashion.

It's a fully funded programme providing up to seven days of bespoke coaching support to meet the specific problems and barriers that YOUR business is facing.

We see YOU! Not just another business!

Specialist and highly experienced Innovation Advisers from RTC will work with you to understand the barriers to process, product and service innovation, create an action plan with you and then help to implement it using internal and external expertise as required.

On completion, your business will be better placed to:

  • Bring products and services to new or existing markets
  • Identify market opportunities for new and existing products in the UK and abroad
  • Have a more defined plan for future growth
  • Recognise, value and understand how to protect intellectual property and make better use of it
  • Explore and address the organisational changes that may arise within your growing business;
  • Introduce new processes that lead to the development of products and services

"If you can manage the process of innovation - you are better equipped to spot and prepare for future market disruption, reduce periods of slow sales and minimise the impact" - Ailsa Anderson, Head of I2S Programme, RTC North

"If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old." - Peter Drucker

The Innovate2Succeed is a selective programme - with only the most ambitious and dedicated companies with the most market disruptive ideas and potential for growth getting a place. So we're specifically looking for:

  • Small to medium sized enterprises (up to 250 employees) from the North East, Leeds and Liverpool areas that are interested in or already have international links (not just export)
  • Those that can show steady growth or the potential for growth through a robust business model
  • Those that are developing or have developed a product or service that could disrupt or revolutionise existing or new markets
  • Those that are keen to introduce a new process into the business to enable the development or delivery of new products and services
  • Trading companies that have loads of great ideas but just can't see which ones to progress or how to progress them
  • Companies that know are that future trends or technologies will have an impact on their sales unless they change and adapt

If this sounds like your business, please get in touch by email or completing the enquiry form below, as fully funded places through Innovate UK and European Regional development Fund are available...but limited.

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Case Study - Equestrian Pioneers Saddle Up For Global Growth

Demand from horse riders on the vast plains of America's cowboy country has set a Gateshead equestrian firm galloping towards double sales growth this year.

GluShu is the pioneering firm behind plastic coated, slip-on horseshoes which could revolutionise the 500-year-old practice of horse shoeing, by swapping nails for glue.

The system, developed by design engineer John Wright, was initially produced for horses with damaged hooves. Global growth since the company launched in 2015, however, has opened up a number of new opportunities.

Working with RTC North on the Innovate2Succeed programme, our advisors worked with Glushu to:

  • Provide business advice and researched new markets to re-position glue-on horseshoes as an alternative to iron shoes;
  • Identified new market opportunities that can overcome market resistance to Glue-on Horseshoes through personalization and better branding;
  • Introductions to companies on collaborative projects that create new markets for the product;
  • Assisted a greater understanding of the potential for glue-on horseshoes across the global racing market leading to significant investment in design resource;
  • Redesign of the fixing agent working collaboratively with a local University, Materials Research Department
  • Application of patents in a range of territories
  • Developing internal company skills to improve supply chain management.

Glushu have recently has signed a deal with a Florida-based distributor and formed a close working relationship with renowned equestrian institution, the Kentucky Horseshoeing School.

GluShu representatives will travel to the US later this year to demonstrate its products to horse riders, vets, horseshoeing students and farriers (professionals who shoe horses).

Director Sue Kell says: "The US market is a much easier territory to sell into than the UK. They have big ranches and so many horses - and riders often like to go on long trails lasting days at a time. It's much more convenient for them to carry our products, rather than heavy tools, in the event that a horseshoe comes off. Unlike in the UK where horse shoes must legally be fitted by a qualified farrier, anyone can shoe horses there so they are keen for anything that makes the process easier."

David Boath, innovation specialist at RTC North, said: "GluShu is disrupting an industry that hasn't changed for hundreds of years. With exciting opportunities emerging on several fronts around the world, it looks to have a very bright future, as more markets open up and it continues to innovate."

GluShu has also established a foothold in Uruguay, Brazil and Chile, thanks in part to a new sponsorship deal with the high-profile Uruguayan endurance riding champion whose horse will wear GluShu products in competition from September 2017.

Growth in other markets beyond Europe - including Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Japan and South Africa - has also contributed to a projected increase in sales from 2,000 pairs in 2016 to 5,000 this year.

On the Continent, backed up by its partnership with a glue supplier in the Netherlands, Germany is its fastest growing market, followed by France then Finland.

In the UK, GluShu is selling to farriers, directly to horse owners and, following British Horseracing Association approval, a growing number of racehorse owners and trainers.

There are an estimated one million horses in the UK, and 100 million worldwide. Each year most will suffer foot problems such as laminitis, tenderness or thin hoof walls which can hinder the use of nails. Fear of nails is also common among horses, further complicating traditional farriering.

It takes around five minutes to fit a GluShu, although work is underway to speed up the process. For more information visit


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